Nexus Portal

Nexus Portal 15.5

Nexus Portal is a remoting framework for developers
15.5 (See all)
NexusDB Pty Ltd

Nexus Portal is a remoting framework for developers including full Remote Desktop Control, File Explorer and Multi User Chat over HTTP/HTTPS. Portal is supported for Delphi 7 - XE with applications running on Windows 2000 or higher.

Portal is a unique set of components that is available with full source code and different support level agreements. Nexus Portal allows you to write a custom host application for your clients in minutes and you can connect and remotely view or even control their computers with one single button click.

With Nexus Portal you can handle most computer support, server administration and maintenance cases over the internet. Nexus Portal includes a stable, feature rich and easily extensible component set with full source code for Delphi. It comes with read-to-use projects for remote PC control and multi user chat which allows you to deploy the benefits to your customers straight away. Nexus Portal components are very easy to use, making it easy for any developer to turn the supplied projects into fully customized products tailored to their needs.

Nexus Portal uses the HTTP/S protocol, allowing to safely work with the tightest firewalls and proxy servers without the need for the customer to change any settings. Nexus Portal includes everything you need for internet presentations and E-learning seminars. Everything you need for monitoring and administration of remote PCs and servers. Everything you need for remote customer support even behind the tightest of firewalls. It includes ready to use components for remote desktop hosting, desktop viewing and desktop control. Components for remote file hosting, management and transfer. And it includes components for full featured multi-user chat. It's all there.

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